5th International Research Seminar in Maritime, Port and Transport Law – Bologna 29th June – 2nd July 2015

Professor Stefano Zunarelli has organized the fifth edition of the International Research Seminar in Maritime, Port and Transport Law, which will be held at the School of Law of the Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna, Via Zamboni 22 (BO), from 29th June to 2nd July 2015, in collaboration with ASLA – Associazione degli Studi Legali Associati, the Institute of International Shipping and Trade Law – Swansea University (Prof. Dr. Rhidian Thomas), the Universidad Jaume I – Castellon De La Plana (Prof. Dr. Maria Victoria Petit Lavall), the University of Ghent (Prof. Dr. Eric Van Hooydonk) and University of Rijeka (Prof. Dr. Dorotea Ćorić).


The aims of the International Research Seminar in Maritime, Port and Transport Law are many. Firstly, it will offer post-PhD Researchers and PhD-students an opportunity to present their on-going research to each other and to receive valuable feedback on their on-going work from their Colleagues from the fields of Maritime, Port and Transport Law. Lawyers and advanced law students interested are invited to hear reports, and if necessary intervene with questions.

Secondly, each morning the program starts with an in-depth Lectio Magistralis given by a leading Law Professor, Professor Rhidian Thomas (Swansea University), Professor Maria Victoria Petit Lavall (Universidad Jaume I – Castellon De La Plana), Professor Eric Van Hooydonk (University of Ghent) on subjects of current interest. The Lectio Magistralis will be followed by Masterclasses held each day by Associate Professors (Prof. Dr. Dorotea Ćorić – University of Rijeka; Prof. Dr. Nadezhda Butakova – Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, St. Petersburg) or Senior Assistant Professors (Dr. Igor Vio – University of Rijeka; Dr. Miso Mudric – Zagreb University; Prof. Dr. Elena Orrù – University of Bologna), and distinguished practitioners (Mr. Taco Van Der Valk, in charge of the Young CMI).

Thirdly, during the seminar participants will have excellent networking opportunities to improve or extend their international academic contacts in the fields of Maritime, Port and Transport Law. Moreover, on July 1st will be held a Symposium on current perspectives on transport issues, where distinguished practitioners belonging to well known Law Firms associated with ASLA will present the most significant findings related to some of the most relevant current transport issues.


Post-PhD Researchers and PhD-Students in the fields of Maritime, Port and Transport Law (both Private and Public Law and including Procedural Law, Jurisdiction and Conflict Law) from all over the World. The International Research Seminar is also open for attendance by legal practitioners and advanced law students of at least master level who have already successfully completed their course(s) in Maritime and/or Transport Law and who are interested in specializing further in these matters. The Friday Symposium is open also to academics, legal practitioners and law students.


The time slots available for the various presentations by post-PhD Researchers and PhD-students are determined in 30 minutes each (20 min. for the presentation and 10 min. for the discussion). Presentations will be grouped together in sessions based upon the subject-matter. If necessary, parallel sessions will be scheduled to allow all PhD-students to present their research and obtain feedback from the audience.


From the organizing and supporting Universities, three distinguished Law Professors have been confirmed to give a Lectio Magistralis to the participants of the International Research Seminar on topical subjects. The idea is to provide a high level teaching to the PhD-students and advanced master students who in turn are expected to prepare for and participate actively in discussion during the master class.

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